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Coding Corner: How to solve both coding issues and staff shortages

For coders, the last few years have been a wild ride, to say the least. COVID-19 had new coding and payer regulations popping up left and right, and mixing that with declining staff numbers, poor employee morale, and retention issues created a recipe for disaster.

Coding issues and inaccuracies stemming from confusion or lack of education around these new rules and guidelines have led to negative consequences, including increased claim denials, which, ultimately, look unfavorably on coding teams.

But when organizations are left understaffed and staffs are overworked, it’s no wonder inaccuracies and other issues are occurring at an increased rate.

What if there was a solution that solved both common coding issues and staffing shortages? Many coding departments are starting to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to automate entire segments of their jobs to tackle these challenges head-on.

Here’s how.

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