10 machine learning conferences for healthcare professionals in 2020

AI and machine learning are becoming important topics in the healthcare industry. But it can be hard to know how to apply and implement these new technologies when your background is in the healthcare sector and not computer science.

As a healthcare professional looking to take advantage of advances in AI, machine learning conferences are the perfect place to start. Let’s take a look at the benefits of attending machine learning conferences and our top picks for conferences in 2020.

Benefits of Attending Machine Learning Conferences

Perhaps the most important benefit you can gain from attending a machine learning conference as a healthcare professional is the ability to learn from industry leading engineers, scientists and physicians. If you’re not familiar with the field of AI and machine learning, conferences will help bring you up to speed on the basic concepts and how this new technology is poised to transform the healthcare industry. And as you become better acquainted, attending conferences will begin to inspire new ideas for implementing machine learning in your organization.

Aside from education, machine learning conferences also facilitate targeted networking. Conferences offer the opportunity to connect with colleagues in adjacent but often siloed fields and get inspired to collaborate. You’ll also have a chance to meet with vendors who can help you get up and running with practical solutions to improve patient care or your revenue cycle.

Machine Learning Conferences for Healthcare Professionals in 2020

1. Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare Forum (at HIMSS20)

Presented by: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

When: March 9
Where: Orlando, Florida

Why You Should Attend: This forum offers a deep dive into the application of machine learning and AI for improving care. It’s also part of the largest conference in health information and technology.

Description: The Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare Forum starts with a focus on data and analytics competency and then moves into real-world applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence with a focus on best practices for implementation and integration. It is part of the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, which brings together nearly 45,000 health information and technology professionals, clinicians, executives, and market suppliers from around the world.

Can’t-miss sessions:

  • Analytics to Algorithms: How to Maximize Impacts
  • Health Care’s Next Frontier: The Tech Transformation
  • From Business Question to Business Outcome

2. HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference 2020

Presented by: Healthcare Financial Management Association

When: March 30-April 1
Where: New Orleans

Why You Should Attend: This conference gives you a chance to learn from best-in-class organizations and industry thought leaders about the most current revenue cycle best practices. It may not be a machine learning conference, but the healthcare revenue cycle is rife with machine learning opportunities. Though there won't be specific machine learning sessions, data-heavy sessions should touch on how machine learning can be leveraged in the revenue cycle.

Description: The HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference provides an in-depth look at how you can make improvements across key areas of your revenue cycle, including consumer interaction, quality and accuracy, consumer experience, and measurement.

Can’t-miss sessions:

  • Transforming the Revenue Cycle Through Reporting & Analytics
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using Analytics and Leveraging Data to Reduce Denials and Underpayments

3. World Medical Innovation Forum: The Future of Medicine and AI

Presented by: Partners HealthCare

When: May 11-13
Where: Boston

Why You Should Attend: This three-day conference gives you the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across industry and academia and be part of the conversation about translating AI’s promise to the front lines of medicine.

Description: The 2020 World Medical Innovation Forum will focus on the increasing impact of AI on clinical care. More than 1,700 senior healthcare leaders will attend, including healthcare providers.

Can’t-miss sessions:

  • Everything You Need to Know About ML
  • How, and Why, Tech Companies Are Disrupting Healthcare

4. Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare (Part of Machine Learning Week)

Presented by: Predictive Analytics World

When: May 31-June 4
Where: Las Vegas

Why You Should Attend: Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare showcases how data science and machine learning are employed at leading healthcare enterprises to improve patient care, reduce operating costs, and bring greater efficiencies to the healthcare industry. Areas of focus include personalized medicine, insurance, hospital administration, healthcare marketing, drug development, and more.

Description: The Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare program will feature sessions and case studies across healthcare business operations and clinical applications.

Can’t-miss sessions:

  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning Methods
  • Deep Learning in Practice

5. Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare

Presented by: HIMSS Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

When: June 11-12
Where: Boston

Why You Should Attend: The Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare conference is crucial for anyone in the healthcare field who is looking to improve outcomes and drive innovation with AI and machine learning. Healthcare is already experiencing the impact of these new technologies. However, successful implementation relies on high-quality data, analytics maturity, and proper governance. This event takes a holistic, workshop approach with a focus on implementation.

Description: Real-world applications for improving care through machine learning and AI.

6. AI in Healthcare Summit

Presented by: Re-Work

When: June 18-19
Where: Boston

Why You Should Attend: This summit offers a unique mix of academic and industry AI pioneers who are at the forefront of research. Healthcare professionals will have a chance to learn from experts in speech and text recognition, neural networks, image classification, and machine learning. Topics to be covered include diagnostics, personalized medicine, robotics, clinical patient care, electronic health records, and medical imaging. Explore the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples of AI applications that can solve challenges in healthcare.

Description: Re-Work’s AI in Healthcare Summit focuses on AI methods and tools that are poised to revolutionize healthcare, medicine, and diagnostics, as well as industry applications and key insights.

Can’t-miss sessions:

  • Improving Efficiency Using AI
  • Challenges for Delivering Machine Learning in Health
  • Emotionally Intelligent Assistants for Patient-Centered Healthcare 

7. Machine Learning for Healthcare 2020

Presented by: Duke University School of Medicine

When: Aug. 6-8
Where: Durham, North Carolina

Why You Should Attend: MLHC brings together members of often completely separate disciplines to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas in the machine learning and healthcare space.

Description: MLHC is an annual research meeting that supports the advancement of data analytics, knowledge discovery, and the meaningful use of complex medical data among clinicians/medical researchers and computer scientists with expertise in AI, machine learning, and big data. The event includes invited speakers, poster presentations, panels, and plenty of time for spontaneous discussion and debate.

Can’t-miss sessions: 

  • Besmira Nushi, Ph.D., senior researcher, Adaptive Systems and Interaction, Microsoft Research AI   
  • Madeleine Clare Elish, Ph.D., program director and co-founder of the AI on the Ground Initiative, Data & Society    

8. HLTH 2020

Presented by: HLTH

When: Oct. 11-14
Where: Las Vegas

Why You Should Attend: HLTH bills its conference as “the most important conference for health innovation.” This event creates a novel marketplace for the key stakeholders who are leading the dialogue and development of a new health ecosystem. Previous years have included an AI track that explores how AI is changing the healthcare ecosystem. HLTH typically brings big announcements across the industry from providers, vendors, technology companies, and retail businesses. 

Description: This event is designed for senior executives in the healthcare industry, including payers, providers, employers, pharma services, startups, investors, and industry analysts, as well as representatives from government, academia, health associations, business groups, and media. HLTH’s mission is to be a catalyst for substantial reductions in health costs and dramatic increases in health quality.

9. Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference

Presented by: Becker's Healthcare | ASC Communications

When: Oct. 13-16
Where: Chicago

Why You Should Attend: This conference covers the unique cross-section of information technology and the revenue cycle. If you work in healthcare revenue cycle, this is the most targeted conference to learn about new technology and potential partners that can alleviate administrative burden. Providers share use cases of the latest technology and machine learning they've implemented in their facilities, while vendors, big tech companies, startups, and even retail companies moving into healthcare showcase the latest machine learning and other practical tech tools.

Description: Becker’s Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference will have more than 150 sessions and 280 speakers covering the topics of cybersecurity, telehealth, mobile health, revenue cycle optimization, predictive analytics, EMR issues, denials, patient clearance, population health, and more

10. USA AIMed 20 Global Summit

Presented by: AIMed

When: Dec. 9-12
Where: Laguna Niguel, California

Why You Should Attend: This summit is clinician led and incorporates a high-level conference program with practical workshops about the application of AI in next-generation healthcare. Each day combines research-focused discussions, networking opportunities, and problem-solving forums targeted at healthcare associates.

Description: Transforming healthcare with AI led by clinicians.

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